Dr. Erik Goluboff

An experienced urologist currently working at Beth Israel Medical Center and Professor of Urology at Yeshiva University, Dr. Erik Goluboff has practiced in his field since attaining his M.D. in 1990. Over the next seven years, he completed his postgraduate training at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, where he would continue to work as Director of Urology until 2011. Alongside his position at Columbia-Presbyterian, Dr. Goluboff taught at Columbia University, first as an assistant professor, then as Associate Professor of Clinical Urology, and eventually Professor of Clinical Urology. He also served as a physician at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. In 2011, Dr. Erik Goluboff began his current employment at Beth Israel Medical Center and Yeshiva University.

Over the course of his teaching career, Dr. Erik Goluboff has presented a number of lectures and speeches. Two of his most recent presentations are “Radical Prostatectomy: Patient selection and outcomes” and “Prostate Cancer: A Patient-Centered Approach.” Dr. Erik Goluboff has additionally served as editor and reviewer of many medical journals, such as the World Journal of Clinical Urology, Urologic Oncology, and Cancer Detection and Prevention.

Dr. Erik Goluboff has beeen licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York since 1991, and he currently retains certifications for performing video laser ablation of the prostate, lithotripsy, microsurgery, and urologic robotic surgery. In conjunction with his career, Dr. Goluboff holds membership with multiple medical organizations. Among his affiliates organizations are the American Urological Association, the Society for Urologic Oncology, the American Society for Clinical Oncology, and the New York Academy of Medicine. Dr. Erik Goluboff has also actively participated on academic committees; he served on several committees at Columbia University and currently participates in Beth Israel Medical Center’s curriculum, quality assurance, and resident selection committees.

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